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Thomas, I also had the white tongue after not having it earlier when I was more sick. I feel that this is one of the strongest indicators of candida overgrowth. What it is called is oral thrush. The oil pulling can be used to remove it from the body.

One of the strangest things about fighting candida is how the symptoms completely change week to week, month to month. I look at it as peeling a moldy onion, layer by layer…where each layer has something different going on as far as infestation. In a week/month or two, this symptom may go away completely but then you might get a new symptom such as a skin rash or headaches. Then a few weeks later that might go away and then you have red/bloodshot eyes. It really changes up, but I do think you hit it on the head, and that the candida is overgrowing in other parts of the body.