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Hello, again, Diane 🙂 I can help with the questions pertaining to *after* the detox cleanse! (Remember, I’m the one who couldn’t help much with the detix drink part)

1) After finishing your cleanse, yes, you go to Stage 1 of the diet. Limit the allowed grains as much as possible and plan on drink at least 1 ounce of pure water (not unpurified tap – it’s chlorinated & has other chemicals) per 2 lbs of body weight. So, an individual weighing 160 lbs. would plan on drinking 80 ounces per day. You can eat as many of the approved veggies as you want each day. You don’t need to go hungry or walk around lightheaded. I have found that avocado really helps make salads filling, btw.

2) This website recommends staying in Stage 1 for 2-3 weeks; however, many of us have chosen to stay on the Stage 1 diet with very limited grains until we have seen a marked decrease in symptoms. I would also add that it’s best to stay in Stage 1 until those symptoms have been significantly reduced and *have stay that way* for a month before moving on to Stage 2.

3) I’m not taking psyllium or bentonite, so I won’t answer this one. Any one else out there ready to pipe in?

4) You don’t *need* all the special products to do the diet well. Really, Bragg’s Aminos are not at all a necessity – they’re a convenience seasoning with some health benefits. Buying all the special stuff can get really, really pricey – so, I’d recommend getting the most important stuff first and going from there. I’ve had great success following the diet *very* closely and only using garlic, extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil, and probiotics.

5) Whenever you use an antifungal, you’re going to kill off excess yeast. This is good, but done too much too soon, it can also cause really unpleasant die-off symptoms. Die off occurs when the yeast is destroyed and releases toxic byproducts into our systems, causing adverse reactions. The diet is also designed to starve and kill yeast organisms, so the diet will also cause die-off reactions to some degree. It’s advisable to follow the Stage 1 diet closely for at least 2 weeks before adding in antifungals, even natural ones. This way, the strict diet can starve off some of the yeast and you’ll have a reduced yeast population before you take the antifungals. You’ll still likely have die off symptoms when you do begin the antifungals, but they will be less severe if your yeast populations are already reduced by the diet before you begin the antifungals. I am aiming for slow and steady die-off, so I take 3 capsules of garlic daily with meals and around 3-4 spoonfuls of extra virgin coconut oil. I use (uncooked) extra virgin olive oil in a lot of my meals. I use it as a cooking oil, too, but the antifungal benefits and other healthy fat benefits are compromised in the heating process. So, I make sure to use it raw often. Start slowly with the antifungals and build up. I started with just two garlics a day and some olive oil.

If you can find organic Kefir (plain) that you know comes from antibiotic free cows, this would be my top recommendation for a probiotic. Besides being an excellent source of multiple probiotic strains, it also has calcium, protein, and calories – which, believe it or not, you’re going to need. It helps me feel fuller longer and is a nice between meals option. Beyond that, any probiotic supplements that are free from major allergens, sugars, and gluten would work well. The refrigerated brands are generally regarded as being the most effective. Right now I’m eating around 16 ounces of Kefir per day and taking 3 doses of 30 billion count probiotic supplements per day (90 billion total). But everyone’s body and needs are different. If you get other replies, there will be quite a lot of variation in who takes what and how much and how often. Differing ages, weights, genders, can all contribute to our varying needs.

I really do hope this is helpful in some way to you. I’m so sorry you didn’t get more replies earlier on. Perhaps it’s the summer – everyone online less? This is our Independence Day weekend here in the States, so many won’t be online much as it’s a holiday. But, please be encouraged 🙂 Take the time to read through some of the old posts on these boards. There’s a search bar at the top of the Forums page, and you can search some of your keywords there. Keep in touch with us! There is a lot to learn and adjust to at first, but it does get easier and there really are many encouraging men & women on these discussion boards to walk alongside you 🙂