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First of all, I would eat 3-4 course meals and eat until you are stuffed and feel very full…like thanksgiving.

Second, a very important way to improve your health is to do a very simple task: chew your food more! Chewing your food 30+ times per bite will increase the surface area of the food particles, allowing greater absorption.–Simple-tip-to-improve-your-health.aspx

Thirdly, try out my teff bread recipe…teff has great weight gain properties and slather on some coconut oil for a super weight gain bread.

Trace minerals and vitamins are also very essential for weight gain and general health; be sure you are taking vitamin K, vitamin E, and vitamins ABCD. Trace minerals includE calcium, magnesium, zinc, iodine, selenium, etc.

Eat some high protein high fat foods including greek yogurt, chicken sausage, coconut milk, etc.

I also think walking 15 miles a day may be a bit excessive. I would try out a few weeks where you walk 5 miles a day or less and see if you can put on more weight. Think of all of the energy your are burning, this could be stored instead! Its difficult to heal if you are overexerting yourself while on the diet and we don’t promote too much exercise. Finding a balance is key…

On a side note:

I would check out your yogurt and see how much sugar it contains per serving, if its over 13g of sugar per serving, this is too much and could be setting back your progress. We recommend greek yogurt which typically contains 7-11g of sugar per serving.

Quinoa is also something we don’t recommend on the diet because it is high in starch:

Other starchy foods include rice, corn, potatoes, carrots, etc…all of which should be avoided on the diet as much as possible.

Have you healed leaky gut a year into the diet? Where are you at in your treatment? What supplements are you taking?