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Loren wrote: Hello everyone, hope everybody is doing better everyday.

I came to this forum and started this diet because for the las 8 months I had been suffering of recurrent yeast infections. I’m just starting my 7 week on the diet. I eat eggs, chicken brown rice, walnuts mixed greens, lots of avocados, etc, etc. Only allowed vegetables, eventhough I’ve made some mistakes. Anyway, two weeks ago I started kifer, a comercial, organic brand that seemed to meet the diet requirements, but after 4 days of having it, I got mouth thrush, never had this before. Any idea why now that I’m in such a strict diet this would happen? I’m not sure if it was the kifer that did it. After the detox I started taking Renew life probiotics, started with 50B and little by little went up to 50B. I was taking two spoons of coconut oil almost all the time and alternated with it either oil of oregano, two fresh garlics a day and or some grapeseed extract. My tongue is better it was mild to begin with and it’s better but not 100%. I stopped the kifer right after I notice the problem in my mouth. My yeast infections are better. I’m all confused, am’i doing something wrong. Also, I incorporated acupuncture after the problem in my mouth.

The thing with CRC is that the immune system is so suppressed by the fungus, and may be other causes too, that battling the giant intestinal overgrowth consume all the immune system soldiers, so there aren’t available soldiers to battle in the genital part. When the intestinal overgrowth lower, there will be troops moving to the genital area. Clearing the gut allows immune restoration and cure of other fungal focus.
You have an idea now,