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I just wanted to chime in and encourage you to stick with the diet. I also had a heart murmur when I was born and had to do the antibiotics for every dental appt until I was 12. On top of that my parents supplied me with endless amounts of high sugar foods, and then 5 years of birth control. It actually amazes me now that it took so long (when I was 31) to have any real candida symptoms… as I am sure it was underlying for a very long time.

It sounds like you are doing quite well! Keep going with it. Just as Raster said, it will take quite awhile to see major changes. I think my biggest mistake when I first attempted the diet was reintroducing foods too quickly. Instead of oatmeal you can try cream of buckwheat cereal. I would avoid fruits until you’ve been symptom free for awhile, that way when you do start eating them, it will be obvious if something causes a flare up. Don’t jump to banana’s when you start either. I believe green apples or blueberries are lower in sugar and are usually suggested when reintroducing fruit. And unfortunately honey and other natural sugars are out. Have you tried Stevia instead?

Good luck and keep going! You will feel better.