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Hello xhale,

Check out this candida symptoms list post:

Well it sounds like at the least you have a digestive/GI disorder. Are you consipated (less than 3 bm’s per day?) If you don’t poop enough then this can cause lots of problems. If you poop too much this can cause problems as well. Let me guess, the mayo clinic did not ask you about your digestion, right?

Have you done any kind of allergy testing? What about thyroid?

Do certain foods make you feel really bad, such as gluten and dairy?

You also could have a liver issue where your liver isn’t working properly. This is pretty common with people who have candida issues.

In general, most americans are constipated, have heavy metals, are dehydrated, and thus are not pH neutral imho. When this occurs it produces toxins in the body and you basically feel bad and have inflammation with in the body. When you have inflammation you can have disease or this benefits the bad things in the body.

Anyways, hope this helps. Check out this link for the candida testing I recommend:

You can get better, it just takes 6-18 months for most people to turn this around. If you find a good naturopath, you can recover faster.