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Akasha;51893 wrote: Hi guys.

I’m a bit discouraged. I wodner if any of you could follow the diet & supplements and all that is required, and also go through the Herxheimer alive AND still keep their jobs while they were at it. Also, how long could Herxheimer actually last.
Also, I know there is no such thing as a quick fix, but how quick will the brain fog go away and all the ethylation thing?
I should be wiritng my MA paper in 4 months now. I think I could do this and be on the diet, it would actually be so good for my brain – hopefully – but also keep a job on top of that, I son’t know.

but then how will I afford to heal myself – the doctors, the supplements…

My parents, who seemed to understand my condition and show a heart – which they never actually shown or had for me – started blaming me for being a liar inventing all this just not to write my paper.
It’s the most absurd thing I have ever heard. Considering the tortures that I’ve been going through. What to do guys. I already felt suicidal these days. I’m afraid not to make a mistake and really throw myself in front of a car.

Is there anyone to help with psychological support?

I’m losing it, how am I to cure this while being alone in the fight. Has anyone made it while living alone with no one’s support? Or is it just another lost battle?

Well, I was left on a bed for 6 months. My wife of 21 years left the home with my only one daughter. I don’t need to say I lost my job and my home. I had to move to an apt. I am an emigrant with no family in US. I had no idea about candida neither all the MDs who saw me.

My overgrowth was so severe that I couldn’t read neither speak clear my own language.

I now keep a job, a home, and give my humble help to those suffering this syndrome. I see no reason why you can not do the same or more than me.

It wasn’t easy to get the point where I am today but possible.

Concentrate in the treatment and have discipline. It will pay you soon or later.