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Rose, I agree, I get so fed up with doctors, too. I hate going to them anymore. I always thought that they could get me better, and I think I listened to a lot of the wrong people in my life and have joined various other forums, ibs, ostomy, etc. I feel this forum has made the most sense about diet, yeast, etc., and I finally found out why I couldn’t tolerate some foods, like excessive fruit, rice (used to do a lot those things last year)!!!!

As hope mentioned, I keep on getting more and more the hang of this diet, but it is hard when so many people around me love their sweets and etc. Plus, I still try to eat enough to maintain my weight. However, I feel I have a double whammy with my gastroparesis and no colon issue. This is what let me down the road I am now. Actually, I think I should watch my diet the rest of my life!! I am amazed how it is so much easier to enjoy other things, like veggies now. I do feel better and not as gassy, bloated when I follow strictly. I do have to steam and puree things to make it easier on my digestive system. I have learned so much.

I did see an integrative doctor last year, but I am still considering calling raster’s naturopath for some advice (just worried about cost, distance, etc., but I know, never know until I try). I really do wish you luck, and I wish more people would chime on my issues here. I still have yet to see a response from my questions yesterday. I get bitter (no offense everyone); I just don’t think people know how to answer my questions sometimes with a unique situation like mine.

As far as the colonoscopy, I had one before my colon was taken out. The prep was awful, but the actual procedure was fine. I am not sure about it wiping out the flora, but I think I would keep on plugging along before resorting to that unless you think it is severely damaged and inflamed, then it might be worth it to examine it??