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orka1998 wrote:

When do you get this? I feel so dehydrated upon waking up….

Hi Sam,

Same here, but sometimes it sticks with me during the day, but sometimes it goes away. Mostly it lifts by the evening or it gets better. Come to think of it, it seems that it stays on my “not so great days” so perhaps it was still a bit of die-off. Like right now I don’t feel dehydrated, but did so this morning when I got up and felt like chugging down a gallon of water, which I didn’t of course, but wished I could have hahahaha…

Do you ever feel dehydrated during the day as well or just in the morning? What about when you have die-off?


Hi Arijana

It’s only really last thing at night and early in the morning when I wake up, it’s so annoying because I know I drink enough!!

Well I’m annoyed at all symptoms to be honest lol, I would quite happily drop the brain fog instead of dehydration!!

Cheers, Sam