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raster wrote: For the same price you could’ve purchase a few months worth the supplements; stuff from thorne, standard process, integrative thereaputics, etc. If you visit their websites and check out their product lines, you’ll see that there is a whole industry built around treating candida and related health problems. Its just about finding someone who can use these tools and know how to use them for your specific version of candida.

For the same price you could’ve also have gotten the genova diagnostics candida immune complex test that’ll give you hormone levels plus some acupuncture and sauna treatments on top of it.


I know you are trying to be helpful, but I have been tearing my hair out trying to reconcile a hundred different sources contradicting each other on what supplements to take, what foods to eat, what tests to get, how to prepare the food, etc. THAT is what drove me to see a specialist, someone who could be ONE source of knowledge I could trust and be guided by… but who of course promptly contradicted ALL of it but told me I might have AIDS or Lyme or Cushings, good GOD. I realize I just had a bad day and feel like giving up because I’m sick and tired and poor. And that all I need is a few days to have a little mental breakdown and get over it, pick myself back up and start going on blind faith again. But what I need right now is not “I told you so” or “You did the wrong thing”, “You should have known better”. I guess what I need really can’t be found on the internet or anywhere. I just need like a year of sleep or a damn bullet in my head.

I’ve got to take a break from thinking about all this. Catch up with you guys later. Best wishes.