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Oggymix;54331 wrote:

I have my theories why some people are on this diet for years, and others not more than a few months. I follow Dr Morse’s theories on getting glands and organs working proper first, then getting back into balance with herbs and foods.

What that means more precicely. What i should do more and what less? Do you have any good links?

Tanx for good info!

I found Dr Morse answering letters on a youtube channel shortly after realizing I had candida pretty bad.

My own doctor visits were fruitless because generally speaking,most doctors think candida doesnt exist in people who are not deathly ill. Atleast the THREE I saw laughed at me.

I asked Dr Morse why this would happen to me, when I am a high-raw vegan who never even catches a cold. He explained that stressful lifestyles and antibiotics set up the candida, even if you dont reach the tipping-point of bad symptoms till later on.
He was right. My lifestyle is very stressful,TALKSHOW stressful.

He explained I probably had severe adrenal exhaustion (that is an understatement!) and that even though your eliminating fluids and wastes, that does NOT mean you are actually filtering!
He said get on a good herbal formula for adrenals, lymph, kidney and liver, endocrine, and parasite elimination.

He explained that if your glands and organs are not functioning properly, you eventually reach a tipping point where you manifest symptoms of varying degrees.

I am personally working on my kidney and liver (you actually see stuff in your urine that wasnt there before when your filtering well. Freaked me out.) this helps to lessen the die-off symptoms. I am waiting on a good adrenal and endocrine formula from Dr Morse as we speak. He is very picky about his formulas. He believes you never just work on one organ, that everything is connected and must be handled that way for balance.

My advice is to get herbal teas that agree with you to begin your detox.
I started off with Yogi Detox tea for kidney and liver 3X a day, and presently I am taking Gaia Red Clover supreme tincture and Calendula tincture 4X a day.

I worked in an herbfarm for several years so I am familiar with herbal remedies…but I can say with confidence that anyone can start with an herbal tea several times a day until they are comfortable taking a tincture.

ALL HERBAL DETOX TEAS are anti-fungal to some degree. Even if only slightly.

Without providing links, I would go to
This is a search-engine for Dr Morse and other Doctor’s videos. The COOL thing about this search engine is that instead of going to youtube and watching the hour-long videos, it will take you to the part of the video you are interested in.

He is very spiritual (not religious) and comes across this way.
You will want to know this up front, because it can turn off people who are used to hearing “take X for Y and thank you for your patronage”.

My experience-thread is—is-this-a-forever-thing.aspx
and I journal what is working for me and what isnt, for anyone who is vegan or who might be struggling with the diet. My candida is mainly in my esophagus and im sure other places as well. I am trying to determine if I will go the route of Diflucan or not.

Trying to avoid it.