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My ND feels that anyone who has candida in their sexual organs likely has it in their kidneys, so it might be difficult for you to treat this on your own. He has some specific remedies to clear it out of the kidneys and sexual organs but I just don’t know what they are…but you can get better if you find the right ND in my opinion. His treatment costs a few hundred per month typically plus appts. so it might not be feasible.

Additionally, a proper treatment is expensive and it might be hard for you guys to treat this while in college. I graduated 9 years ago and I understand what you are going through and imho its very hard to treat this while in school mainly because of financial constraints. I ended up getting a job working 20+ hours per week and got on food stamps and this helped me a lot financially (but I wasn’t treating myself for health problems then).

I also made the dorm food for my school and I definitely know that they use the cheapest quality food possible (or atleast very likely). So the chicken you are eating is likely the lowest grade out there (sysco) which is unfortunate. If anything, you could maybe write a letter to the university stating how much you pay for school but you get crap for what you pay. Then mention antibiotic resistent infections and how their food contributes to the problem. Anyways, thats about the best you can do on that front lol.

My suggestion is to treat this when out of school, try to get your parents to fund you going to an ND for this, or get a job and find a good ND to treat this while in school…