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Atela;42201 wrote: While attempting the cleanse diet, another bladder infection developed. Probiotics had no effect, hence a visit to the urologist to acquire an antibiotic session.

Hello, Atela.
The bladder is part of the urinary tract system, and treating any type of UTI is going to basically be the same.

Be sure to read the post concerning the immune system and how to rebuild it as well as the adrenals. Candida and the Immune System

At the same time that you’re working on your immune system and adrenals, you can try to improve the bladder infection by following the strict diet if you have it. You need lots of nutrients right now which the strict diet supplies since it is designed to rebuild the immune system.

Berberine is known to kill off the good bacteria, so I now have a bone to pick with my naturopath!

We could no doubt fill a library with the information that naturopathic doctors and medical doctors are unaware of when it comes to treating a Candida albicans human infestation.

Does anyone know if increasing the dosage of probiotics would protect the good bacteria count from the berberine?

There is no way of really knowing this without knowing how much of the flora is left in a particular person’s intestines as well as how long a period and how much of the berberine would need to be taken. But there’s another problem with using berberine other than destroying the flora; that’s the fact that berberine depletes potassium from the body and damages the intestinal wall lining.

Also, D-mannose is considered a sugar. Does anyone know if the sugar content is the type to be concerned with when fighting candida?

The manufacturers of D-mannose claim that it does not feed Candida, but they also add that it is not a treatment for a Candida infestation. I honestly don’t know if it would have an affect or not.
I would first try rebuilding the immune system and adrenals which will help the infection, and at the same time use the instructions below for treating the bladder infection. If there is no noticeable difference in three to four days, I would take another look at D-mannose.

Take a teaspoon of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar in water three times a day, morning, noon and evening. Bragg’s can be found in most health food stores. I would continue to take a good, high-count probiotic as well. Be sure to take the ACV and probiotics at least 2 to 3 hours apart.

Avoid any antifungals for at least the next two weeks while you’re focusing on reestablishing the beneficial bacteria.

Of course, you already know that you should be drinking even more water than normal if you have a bladder infection.

Very high doses of vitamin C are needed for any type of infection and this is especially true of a UTI such as a bladder infection. I would start with 4000 total mg of vitamin C today, and raise the amount to about 8000 mg tomorrow and for the next several days. Take 1000 mg and wait at least one hour before the next dose.

Approximately 80% of UTI’s are caused by the E. coli bacteria. Coconut oil is literally an E. coli destroyer and contains about the same strength as some antibiotics do against E. coli without the negative effects. In fact, coconut oil will benefit the environment of the flora instead of endangering its existence.

How much coconut oil are you taking right now?