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Cheesey;45530 wrote: For de-stressing:

1. As you say, meditation is great and, specifically, I find mindfulness to be absolutely excellent. It enables to take my practice with me off the meditation cushion, so when I do go for a walk in nature it is all the more vivid.

2. Cognitive Behavioural Techniques are useful tools if you find yourself becoming overwhelmed by the power of negative thoughts. There are a number of free online courses that can help you begin to address unhelpful though patterns.

3. Staying away from google – if you have a plan, stick to it.


1. I find epsom salt baths to help flush the crap out of my body. These are especially good since that I am too ill to leave the house often and so can’t get to a sauna.

2. Again, meditation. It supports immune function. I would also be willing to bet that, since stress can impair glutathione production and digestion, meditation also actively assists in detoxification. However, I have never seen any scientific evidence of that so it is only my own hypothesis.

3. Sleep as much during the night as you can. If you wake up early, try to get back to sleep. Also, try going to bed earlier. As well as being essential to bodily repair, enough sleep can make the difference between stressed and relaxed.

I really like this, esp #3 of De-stressing and #1 of detoxing; I know some don’t have access to sauna’s so this is a great alternative. Especially if a dry skin brush is used.

Thanks for sharing.