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Aggie4habitat;46538 wrote: I have had the same question about test foods as well. I’m entering week 5 and have introduced Oat Bran, Buckwheat, and Coconut flour (in that order). When first adding Oat Bran gradually I experienced heart palpitations. But i was getting those after eating coconut oil too. So, I just attributed it to die-off and pushed forward with the oat bran. Now, after 2 weeks of eating these flours, I’m severely bloated with distention. I’m wondering if it’s from the flours or something else. Were the heart palpitations the “reaction” i should have been looking for when testing foods? I still get them now.

Aggie, I’m just six weeks in, but prior to starting the candida diet, I found that I was reacting to both oats and coconut flour, as such, the first food that I tested was buckwheat because I had always been okay eating it. I’m actually afraid to test oats and coconut right now because I know six weeks is nothing, and I know that I am at the beginning of this, and as such, I am learning that when we have reactions to foods this early in the game, they can often be bigger than what happened prior to the candida diet. And I don’t want anything to slow me down. Just offering this experience in case you want to back off of the oats and coconut and maybe try something else.

Also, I had a bout with brassicas which were fine for me prior to the Candida Diet, but totally suck for me now (bloating with distention and gas), and it is SOOOOOO worth it to get off of stuff that’s not working—for the sake of RELIEF, and then try again in a few weeks, but very slowly!

Good luck!