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seriously i think i am talking to my replica
from skipping social gathering to thinking too much about petty things except i don’t drink at all.
i saw pretty closely in the family the perks of alcoholism. i always said t myself i will not be like that.

i am also a sports player and was part of school team but a different sport (cricket).

i am desperately wanting to get a hold of the water kefir grains,i have already read and searched about it a lot.
i reckon it is one must have thing on the diet.

i am not taking yogurt rather i can’t even if i wanted too.

we sure did learn about VCO the rough way.i read somewhere you consumed 5 spoons of VCO, hope you didn’t knew about my reaction then cause my story is scary enough to deter anyone from not taking it seriously

hang in there ,it will get better.time is a great healer. beleive me(if that is any consolation.)
i too have trouble with my sinuses, lower abdomen but it’s slightly better

this surely is not going to be easy but with time and determination i hope we all will overcome it.