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thanks healinglight,
i agree that was a stupid mistake,something which could have been totally avoided.

i am taking amla(gooseberry ) and turmeric but not regularly.
i will change that careless attitude and start eating more often.

i will have a look at the other herbs .didn’t knew anything about them. what’s the forum view on drinking aloe vera juice(my ayurvedic doctor recommended it).i apply it topically all the time and it definitely works.

They support my diet(as i am intolerant to dairy,yeast i have to eliminate it any how which is what the candida diet also asks for) but not the CRAZY supplement(their opinion) like say milk thistle.
even though they also believe that i am better compared to what i was like a year before. had a long discussion after yesterday’s incident. i asked them that we’ll consult with a nutritionist to find out any flaws in my diet( i know in my mind that i am eating a hell lot better than before. )

actually, i found a guy who sells water/milk kefir grains, he lives in U.P.
i am still inquiring about how i can procure them from him.
if you want his email id Pm me.

again ,thanks for your time and help.
both of you actually,appreciate it.