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Smitty99;44662 wrote:

Other thing too is your digestive system is probably incredibly weak and having a hard time digesting anything you eat. I’m assuming you’re following the strict diet and I would avoid eating too much meat right now. Try your best to stick with salads and vegetables. For the first two weeks of this I too couldn’t eat anything. Digesting a salad was taxing and hard and I had no appetite. Get some digestive enzymes too to help and avoid big meals for now. Lots and lots of fluids and vegetable juice as long as there is no sugar added would be perfect for you right now. I was bed ridden for 3 or 4 weeks so don’t feel embarrassed about what you are going through.

i too went through that phase and know what you are trying to say , though my digestive system is good currently. in years, haven’t felt digesting stuff like i am doing now .
i take ayurvedic supplements( indian naturopath ,sort of) though there is a lot of improvement required.

it’s the coconut oil which gave me so severe problem for the first time.

the first time i ate coconut oil ,all i had was a very headache over the eyebrows, and a low grade fever.
digestion is definitely not the major problem currently atleast i think so its the immune system(it is really really weak)or maybe liver, i think that’s why the toxins were first flushed out through the shortest route that is via mouth coz it couldn’t process it through the natural path.