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Mtb;52580 wrote: This diet freaks me out as it looks quite restrictive, and is the last resort for me to attempt feeling better. I’ve been doing some research on candida and I notice I relate to quite a lot of symptoms.

I’ve had seb dermatitis for 10 yrs now, severe anxiety, depression, OCD, chronic headaches, migraines, abdominal pains, cramps, muscle cramps, chronic fatigue…
Lately in the past 3 months I’ve noticed I’ve developed tinea versicolour where my seb dermatitis is, and sneezing everytime I walk in the bush which makes me feel like I have the worst cold for an hour or so. Also noticed a ring worm pattern on my chest which is red and scaley that’s never going away. I kinda feel like I’m getting worse with these new symptoms I’ve never had before.

I’ve done a few blood tests for allergy, celiac, thyroid… All came negative. Tried lactose/gluten free diets, gone through dozens of moisturisers, shampoos, creams lotions etc for my dermatitis… Nothing works.

However, I take antibiotics every 8 months, which I hear is the main culprit to candida overgrowth?
Anyway, I’m just frustrated and for so many years been looking for answers with no positive outcomes.

Could I possible have a candida infection? How frequent do you need to take antibiotics to have an effect on your body? Are there any tests to diagnose candida or is it more error and trial?

I can almost guarantee you have a yeast problem, skin conditions seen post anti-biotics are classic signs. You need to start a good Candida diet + pro-biotics first, then start looking at possible anti-fungals.

Look at Raster’s diet and do the best you can, slowly go into this diet. There’s no need to rush into an restrictive diet until you know you can manage it well.

Why are you taking anti-biotics every 8 months? The most important item is to stop taking drugs that are nuking your intestinal flora and immune system.

I “cured” my Seb Derm with a bar soap from “Candida Freedom”, it works great.

Good luck.