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Thanks flailing for the informative response. Sorry you are dealing with that.

I had a “physical” in July with my doc, she couldn’t care less about the body temp and frankly other than the bloodwork I was sent to get, it was a waste of time. But the bloodwork did say my thyroid was OK (whatever that means), but I don’t know how extensive that test is because trying to educate myself about my symptoms I’ve come accross some stuff that points in that direction.

I live in the NE and was just mowing my lawn for 2 hours straight and it’s hot, my skin felt hot so I took my temp and it was 96. My skin always feels itchy and cold to the touch, unless of course I’ve been sweating. When it’s cold I often feel like I have the chills, which is not something I experienced earlier in life, regardless of how could it was.

I have not experienced any rapid weight fluctuations although when I gave up the sugar and wheat I figured I might drop a few lbs as a side benefit, but I didn’t. I do also have the red puffy eyes with the dark bags.

I do think I will keep a chart of my body temp since maybe that can enlighten something.

Good luck to you,