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I always seem to have a relapse right after a period of heavy emotional or physical stress

Hello, Jeres.
The emotional stress isn’t the only cause of your relapse this time, the food you were eating helped in the relapse as well.
Read the post on Probiotics, and after you’ve completed the ones you’re now on, I would change to either the MegaFlora or the Innate. After finishing the one you choose, add some of the HMF to another round of either MegaFlora or Innate.

Rebuilding your immune system and adrenals are your number priority at this point, and you’re not going to accomplish that by adding extra sugars such as those in fruit and rice to your regimen. You’re obviously a long way from adding any new foods to the strict diet which I assume you’re following. I know you don’t want to hear this, but you wrote for advice on the forum and this is it.

Are you taking virgin coconut oil on a daily basis and if so, how much a day? The coconut oil is very beneficial to the bacteria that you need to reestablish in your intestines.

Be sure to follow the instructions in the post I previously sent you about rebuilding the immune system and adrenals.