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Lauren wrote: I am in the same boat. My doctor told me I had a sensitivity to yogurt and to milk. I saw someone posted water kiefer. My problem is I know very very little about keifer to being with. I get confused on how to make it when I read the directions. I wondering if this could just be brain fog lol. Is it necessary to get better? Water keifer does not sound yummy.
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If it is a sensitivity and not a true IgE allergy then it should be a much smaller issue with the lactose as kefir consumes almost all of it and Greek yogurt ferments longer than regular yogurt.

If you are concerned then try Goat. I have and replaced it all. I eat Greek Goat yoghurt, and goat milk kefir. You cannot tell the difference.

Water kefir does taste good, what I do is add things to it like fresh ginger, lime juice, lemon juice, it has the taste of carbonated soda.

The recipe is super simple I have currently 1/2 cup of grains so 6 Cups of Boiled water and dissolve 6 tbsp of sugar (I add 2 tbsp out of the 6 with Coconut Crystals or 1 tsp of Coconut Nectar, adding that gives it minerals and the yeast just love it and produce in my case superior Kefir) then let it sit on the counter with a towel and elastic band for 48 hours, when those 48 hours are up put water kefir into smaller mason jars with a lid on tight to create carbonation and add whatever you want to enhance the flavour for another 48 hours.

Milk kefir is even easier just add milk to the grains and let them ferment for 48 hours and refrigerate after to stop the fermentation process.