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mrs.candida;43440 wrote: I began colostrum yesterday. I think I got a really good brand, Surthrival. Have those of you who’ve started taking it had die off? Or shall I say did you notice any reactions in your body? My psychological symptoms started up bad, then I had a ton of trouble going to sleep.

I can’t pinpoint if it’s from the colostrum or the GAPS diet, I’m on day 7 of intro.

What I am taking at the moment is actually an Immunoglobulin extract from colostrum, so it doesn’t have the full spectrum of benefits of normal colostrum. However, I believe I have been experiencing die-off from that alone as I have heard it can cause viral die-off. I’m not certain of that though as I’ve been feeling pretty bad for a long time.

I have read on other forums that colostrum can cause die-off.