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dvjorge wrote: Hi guys,

I have a problem with Coconut Oil and Avocados and my high cholesterol. There is conflicting information in the web about cholesterol and those items. Some say coconut oil and avocados lower bad cholesterol, but other source say they are bad. Sometimes, the true is hard to find. As you know, there isn’t too much for eat following the anticandida diet. Coconut oil is something I don’t want to stop but I am worried now.

I am sure the high cholesterol is linked to intestinal permeability (leaky gut).
Before to get sick, I was overweight and my cholesterol was perfect. After taking the antibiotics that caused candida, leaky gut, and intestinal inflammation my cholesterol went high. Otherwise, the anticandida is rich in high cholesterol food, so I am not sure what to do now to keep my still low weight.

If some of you know about the impact of coconut oil and avocados with the high cholesterol, let me know. I really appreciate your experiences.

Avocados are very rich in Oleic acid aka monounsaturated fats, those fats will not only lower LDL or low-density lipoprotein but raise HDL or high density lipoprotein which is why monounsaturated fatty foods are considered heart healthy. The same goes for a nice steak half of the marbled fat is saturated but the other half is monounsaturated. Coconut Oil will raise HDL and Total Cholesterol or Triglycerides but raising HDL in the process lowers the overall risk of cardio vascular disease. Total cholesterol isn’t as big of an issue as once thought. Now the major issue is LDL levels and the small and large particle types. Large particles in LDL isn’t huge but small particles is really bad because they will literally tear up your arteries because they are so small and jagged.

They may be something else in your diet that is contributing to your cholesterol if not maybe hereditary. You could also take a plant sterol supplement 2g a day will lower it 10-20%