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Raster, Thank you so very, very much for your in-depth and thorough response, it really has given me a lot to think about and a little of my hope back for getting better. I’ll confess I’ve posted on a few forums like I’ve said, but never really felt satisfied with the answers until you took the time to respond to me. So, at the risk of sounding too overly grateful, thank you once more.

I do intend at some point in time to see a naturopath, wish I could sooner But things are a little tight right now. I realize self-diagnosis is never the way to go, I’ve just been back and for to the gastro doctor so many times…I felt so frustrated I even went to see a different one, and he was even worse, he was about as callous and cold to my misery as any one person could be…I never went back there after that. Only useful thing he did was actually get me tested for SIBO, and I was feeling my absolute worse at this point, the orange solution I had to drink made me feel so sick. So I was positive for that, did the antibiotics and like I said, it didn’t really help.

I started feeling better for a short time after I started a Acidophilus & Bifidus probitioc like I said, but it’s benefits wore off fast, I started getting really bad cramping and ALWAYS had a lot of gas in my lower abdomen, especially before a BM. Only plus was at least I didn’t have to go 3-4 times in the morning anymore, but even that didn’t last.

S anyways, forgive me blabbing here when you’ve already given me some of your time, I just had a a couple last things I’d like to pick your brain about if that’s okay.

Firstly, is there a probiotic you think would be good for me, or should I hold off on that for when I know for sure SIBO is resolved, or for a consultation? I just really would like to take them I know for a fact, like you said my gut flora is in horrid shape.

The flax oil, is that just flax oil itself or flaxseed oil? I was browsing these and saw a bunch of variations and I got confused, so I didn’t get any yet.

I wonder about my acid reflux too, I have this issue where, sometimes in the morning I get this horrendous, post-nasal drip snot taste in the back of my mouth, it’s disgusting. I know this is due to the reflux, I’m just not sure what to do about it. I was taking the ACV primarily to help with low stomach acid or whatever and I’m not sure if I’m taking too much…or too little. I’ve totally done away with PPI’s a few months ago, I was on those for nearly two years and blame them for all the problems I have now, as I was not doing this badly two years ago. Just wondering what to do for that, or would the HCL help with that too?

Finally, thank you again so much for your insight, it really was very helpful and appreciated. I’m just wanting to get some normalcy back in my life, without having to worry about going to the bathroom all the time and whether or not I’ll have pain and discomfort beforehand, because that’s all it’s been lately.