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The thing about the carbohydrates in coconut (or the flour) is that, even though the number appears to be a fairly high count of carbs, the actual amount of ‘digestible carbohydrates is actually quite low.

The bigger problem that I see is the fact that the company added hemicellulose to the mixture which makes no sense at all and is not beneficial to the treatment, only to the Candida.

As far as your question, “Able, what do you think about this? Do you have a reliable source stating that coconut flour contains only 1g of sugar?”

All I have is a package of Bob’s Red Mill organic coconut flour. One serving, which is listed as two tablespoons, contains 1 gram of sugar. At any rate, regardless of what you read, different brands can contain different amounts. And the brand you posted is, unfortunately, not the brand that most of us on the forum use.

I can’t tell you what you could do about the flour; the best I can offer is to say that you can test it. You could cut the recipe in half and try a few pieces. Wait to see if you receive any type of reaction and let us know what they are as they happen.

Sorry that I can’t offer any more advice or information.