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I feel for you, really I do because I have had issues with all the Dr’s I’ve seen as well and had to diagonose myself awhile back. One thing that happened to me was my tongue was white for so long that if turned into a fungus and it ran through my blood stream, so think about maybe this has happened to you, you never know.
One Dr. I saw regarding my neck pain gave me steroids one time and I told I didn’t want to take them because they promote yeast, so he prescribed me a one time dose of an antiobiotic that actually fights yeast off, so maybe ask for something like this when you go back to see the Dr. Sometimes you have to be firm with them and tell them what you need instead of waiting for them to tell you because many Dr’s do no believe in candida in the intestines. In fact I had one Dr.laugh at me who told me that yeast can only live in wet areas, either the mouth or vagina and wanted to do a pap smear on me and I had no problem with a yeast infection in my vagina at all. He said there is no way that yeast can live in the intestines. Well ever since then I felt like I was on my own and have controlled my candida myself with my diet and food choices. I’ve lost 35 bs so far.
And as far as the coconut oil? I have bought coconut oil from my chiropractor and it is in solid form but you can warm it up to melt it into an oil plus you can cook with it as well and it melts just like normal oil. Never heard of the tampon thing so I have no advice on that one. But try cooking with the oil and even eating raw coconut, it is supposed to help. Also garlic and onions help alot as well. I did most of my researcn on the internet and hopefully you can find what will work for you.

Good luck 🙂