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I’m just beginning my treatment. I’ve been going for about 35+ days. I’ve had a rough go with doctors too. It’s so frustrating. This forum has been excellent for me.

I’ve answered some of your questions below in BOLD 🙂

whiteowl wrote: This site is so valuable.

even though the forum seems a little touchy technically speaking as far as logging in and posting… Agreed on both counts 🙂

I am a little unsure of what I have been dealing with but I have nothing to lose with trying the cleanse and then the strict diet. I have been researching and planning for about a month now. I was having problems registering but thanks to Able for replying to my e-mails and sending me the diet. There is a boatload of good information on this site. When I first started researching my head was spinning from conflicting information as far as what is allowed and what is not. I decided to start the cleanse next Thursday, this is a 5 day break from work so I won’t have to worry about being 100% for work and will know how to deal with whatever reactions by the time I have to return to work. Also taking the time to do some extra research and wean myself off smoking, mountain dew, and milk as these are serious addictions for me, that way my body will not go into any severe withdrawals. I do have some questions and some opinions to ask.

1. I have been reading that zeolites are a better alternative to bentonite clay although more expensive for detox because it is better at attaching to toxins and carrying them away from your body and prevent reabsorption. Any thoughts?

2. Also read this “Most people are low in minerals such as: calcium, magnesium, sulfur, phosphor, sodium, iron. In order to detoxify, you need alkaline minerals. An important role of calcium is to aid in detoxification; it is an alkaline mineral and will “catch” the toxic acids that your body releases. If the acids can’t be “bound” because your body lacks (alkaline) minerals, the chance is high that you will feel seriously ill during your detox, that your body refuses to release the toxins, or that your body re-absorbs the released toxins again. Suggests you stock your body up on these minerals before a detox. Makes sense. Thoughts????

3. Need some specifics on oil pulling with coconut oil, most I see are in solid form and not in “oil” form, so how do I swish that around in my mouth?? What brand and kind is the best to get? Coconut oil is really touchy, so it depends on the temperature. I usually buy it in solid form but by the time I get home it’s liquid. (I live in Vegas) I used Coconut oil as a deodorant, so I have it in a sprayer and most mornings I have to put the bottle in hot water to get it back to liquid before I can spray it out. Anyway as far as eating it. I usually just take a spoon of the solid stuff and put it right in my mouth. I haven’t heard about swishing it so I might be doing it wrong. I also purchased coconut oil in pill form… however, I’ve gotten used to just eating it straight.

4. I plan to drink lemon water, take native remedies detox drops, and candidate as well. If I take the detox drops, would the daily detox drink be overkill?

5. Say I get a migraine headache, take Aleve, or deal with the headache? I’m curious about this as well. I’ve taken it a few times during my treatment, never thought it would cause any issues… Good Question!

6. There was a post on here about soaking tampons in “melted” coconut oil. Are we microwaving the coconut oil to melt it orrrrrrr….am I missing something? In regards to the soaking a tampon in yogurt as well, what brand plain yogurt is best? Am I doing one and the other every other day orrrr is there a specific schedule to follow? What? Can doing this really help?

A little about my story. In 2010 I had an impacted wisdom tooth, was given Clindamycin. Had tooth removed, was given another anti-biotic. Yay me! Next thing I know I have C-diff caused by the clindamycin. For those of you who don’t know this is pure hell until you get rid of it. I was then given another anti-biotic called metronidazole, of which I ended up on a few rounds to get rid of the c-diff. Then, Yay me! No c-diff but what is up with my mouth?!? Thrush….candida…yay …..I was given nystatin; it seemed to go away….a little. Difflucan….same thing….fluconazole….same thing….I was then sent to an ear nose throat doctor who swabbed my mouth in which it came back with a rare candida strain. She said she did not want to over treat and wanted to send me to an ID…..are you kidding me? I didn’t go because it seemed like the further I went in with doctors the more screwed up I was kidding “cure one thing just to cause another with their “treatments”.” Therefore, I wait it out. It would seem doctors don’t know diddly about diddly and I wonder what the point is sometimes. You go to one who says this, you go to another who says something completely different, and I really like the ones who don’t bother doing actual tests and just make assumptions and actually will treat you without doing tests.

Anyway, my other problem is in the female area, odor, and discharge. I go to the doctor she said BV, get another darn antibiotic, okay fine apparently don’t have BV anymore but still have discharge and a strong odor. I go back to the doctor, all tests negative, I leave confused, pissed, upset because I have no solutions and no answer. I say screw it and go back a couple months later. This time I am told it is a yeast infection and am prescribed an anti-fungal. IT seems to wane but then comes back. I go back to the doctor and leave with another wave of an anti-fungal, it wanes but comes back this time with a vengeance, thicker discharge, and I cannot get over how strong the smell is! I go back to the doctor, all tests negative, no yeast infections, no bv, nothing! WTH! How can the symptoms be basically the same every time I go into that damn doctor’s office but the diagnosis be different every time!

I then go to the dentist about my mouth, I figured they would do a test on my mouth. But no they actually look confused about what it looks like and start saying things like “burning mouth syndrome”, “geographic tongue”, yada yada yada. Dentist says it does not look like conventional thrush. Thing is my mouth never looked like that until I had thrush, so it makes sense to me that I have lingering symptoms of thrush, don’t you think? Doctors piss me off. Don’t just look do the freaking tests!

Anyway I hope all this planning and researching I am doing will be effective. At any rate I will no longer be a smoker and will have a healthier diet, so I have nothing to lose.