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dvjorge wrote: Thomas,
I had tremendous die off when I took the Rx. They were able to clean the UT but no the intestines. The intestinal infection is the main culprit and the hardest to cure.

thanks Jorge, didn’t you have Molybdenum back then?
I am really not a chicken but boy did that die-off messed me up in that 2.5 month. I still wonder why it never went over the hill. How long was your die-off face until you got over the hill and the healing could start without die-off?
My biggest struggle will be to find a doctor who will believe in fungus infections. It is strange that they dont believe here in that. They believe that only AIDS sick believe can experience a fungus in infection. The accept vaginal fungus and fungus on the toes but not in the intestines or UT tracks.

Any advice here how to move forward in that. How did you get your medic finding out. Here in Sweden is everything run through blood and urine tests only. Did they check your sperm and the blood in it for fungus or how can I press him to check for fungus?