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Hi everyone,

Just an update on my progress..

I did eventually get a blood test to see if the Chloroquine had any negative impact at all. My only complaints with my health since eliminating my Candida were vague symptoms like loss of appetite, inability to metabolise seemingly anything!, skin breakouts etc.

Wouldn’t you guess, the only abnormal results indicated that my liver was in need of some TLC.

So I am now mid-way through a liver detox! I thought I would wait until this point to update as the liver detox involves copious amounts of sugar (excessive amounts of fruit like watermelon, apple juice mixed with apple cider vinegar etc) and I am pleased to report that I have had absolutely no recurrence of my Candida symptoms! This despite yet again needing to take antibiotics for a UTI a fortnight ago. This time I complimented the antibiotics with Syntol for a few days and it seems to have worked. I have not had to take Chloroquine again.

My guess is that my liver got overloaded with all the by products of the Candida die-off. But it could be a possible side-effect to the Chloroquine so I thought I would post it up.. (and no it was not related to my partying ventures either as the numerous blood tests I had when I was crook as a dog with Candida, which was AFTER my partying never indicated liver problems.. I knew that that’s you would all be thinking..! =P)

So!! Time to crack open the champagne?!!


To Tsunny,

No I do not have an autoimmune disorder. But you should look into aspects of Energy Medicine to help you out. These days we are almost completely immersed in synthetic stressors which are forcing our body to constantly be ‘on alert’ which is the reason the rates of autoimmune disorders, allergies etc are growing exponentially. As much as it might help to cut out as much as possible of these artificial substances (processed foods etc) sometimes our body just needs help adapting to our new environment (‘new’ relative to the millions of years that we have been adapting). For minor allergies just sedating your Triple Warmer Meridian (which governs the fight or flight response and thus our body’s ‘alert system’) helps (it helps my hayfever at least!). But for an autoimmune disorder you should maybe look into Energy Medicine Practitioners in your area. It seems to be a rapidly evolving adjunct to allopathic medicine in the US!! Thanks to the dedication of scientific endeavours over the last twenty years. (P.S don’t believe Wikipedia when it says ‘there is no evidence Meridian Lines exist’!! There is bucket loads!! But quite evidently Wikipedia must get a fair chunk of its ‘donations’ from the Pharmaceutical companies!!) It seems however that the integration of Energy Medicine into mainstream medicine has been painfully sluggish at least compared to Russia (the USSR!), Germany, China etc. And unfortunately for us Aussies we are always the last ones in on the goss.. =(