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Vegan Catlady
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Tdog333;56648 wrote:

The fact that you felt better after taking basically only adrenal supplements really makes me think you didn’t have candida, or it was a very minor case of it.

There’s no way someone is going to get cured by just drinking teas and supporting their adrenals with a few herbs.

I’m not trying to attack you here so please don’t get that impression.

And I haven’t deleted any posts involving you, you can ask anna for confirmation on that one.

You obviously havent followed my situation.

I reacted to sugar only, and my tongue(and back of my throat) was coated heavily.

Dismissing me by saying I never had candida?

That is the frosting on the cake of this beautiful day.

YES all I did was teas (herbal) and tinctures for my adrenals and endocrine.
Coconut oil like CRAZY in the beginning months.
Garlic almost every single day, 2-3 cloves at a time.

So by saying I never had candida overgrowth will just make total sense to anyone who may disagree with *anything* that worked for me. And for what its worth, im not convinced my overgrowth is gone. I still cant have pure sugar,my throat still reacts to it straight.
but why am I even telling you that? I really dont care what you think.

Im trying to leave here,Tdogg. Get off me. Your trying to belittle me experience and wow doesnt that just make everything fit into place?

I had/still have candida overgrowth,but its almost gone as evidence by the fact that when i push my limits, my throat doesnt close like it used to, I dont get “drunk” off of bananas like happened in the beginning,before I even KNEW I had candida overgrowth, and my dizziness is gone.

It must just sting to know there isnt only one way to do this, and it doesnt involve spending hundreds of dollars on weird supplements and enzymes.