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Vegan Catlady
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raster;56634 wrote:

I do not appreciate you mocking/provoking me about my health…about my personal health protocol on my birthday of all days, thank you very much. I mean I have an opinion, but you don’t see me picking apart the stuff you are doing in your protocol [h]other than the foods you eat. [/h]

If you want to attack me, I have some stuff to say to you:
[h]I sometimes wonder if the stuff you post is misinformation because its pretty upsetting to have someone come along and say/suggest the exact opposite of what I’ve been doing [/h]on here for awhile and then attack me like this.

It seems like you have strong beliefs about not consuming meat but this is no need to point things out about another person and this is almost the bullying type of behavior that you spoke out against recently. I am not bullying/attacking you, I am just doing what I’ve been doing here for the last few years which is to try to be helpful also [h]and potentially protect other people with different opinions.[/h]

I think its important for everyone to consume meat and I honestly don’t think you can get better without it, especially because of my ND’s belief in consuming meat with his 20-30 years of treating people with health problems. If you have serious mineral deficiencies, which most people do who have a candida problem…meat consumption can greatly benefit your health and I am just saying that you should think twice and twice again before suggesting people do drastic dietary changes like you suggest.

Eating crappy grade chicken with antibiotics/growth hormones is a big difference when compared to free range stuff…do some research before you attack me on this.

I’ve cured almost all of it and I honestly think I’ll be going in a healthy direction for life.

I’ve helped a lot of people here and I’d hate to have to leave because of paltry attacks like this. I just feel it isn’t worth the energy to have to explain myself like this because of someones misguided efforts. I think someone needs to take a look in the mirror because this post is ridiculous.


Lets address this piece by piece.
You pick on my food choices. Im allowed my experiences and an opinion.
I dont follow you. I dont pick apart your choices. My opinions come out AFTER I have been picked on.

Meat is not necessary,contrary to your opinion.
Telling me that I shouldnt be vegan if I want to get better makes zero sense (yes, you actually posted those exact words) ,since almost everyone on here is a meateater and has candida issues.
That should be obvious.
I found it terribly offensive.I could have addressed it by posting dozens of studies saying otherwise, but I really DONT want to talk about my veganism.
I actually posted a while back that I chose my name so that no one would advise me food that I wouldnt even consider. It was to save your efforts. I dont eat meat, dont ask me to.
Yet you do and you did.

So im here to misinform? To what end?
What prize do I get if the world becomes infected with candida?
This isnt the X Files. Im not Pinky and the Brain, im not here to take over the world by making sure everyone has fungus.

You say you are not attacking,but you do this by following my posts and negating my experiences.

MY ND has 40 years of experience. Anyone can look him up and see if im being dishonest.
His name is Dr Morse. He is vegan in diet.
Do I think hes BETTER than your ND because he has more experience? NO.
Everyone is drawn to the people they resonate with.
That doesnt make me wrong,it makes me different.

Then you talk about “crappy grade chicken” this video wasnt about crappy grade chicken.
It was about how people who consume organic veggies still have to deal with the arsenic from chicken farms, but all you could hear was that someone who doesnt eat meat is posting about chicken.