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Hi Cheesey
Thanks for your reply

Last night at a restaurant I ate scrambled eggs w garlic, spinach, avocado & broccoli & salad with pea sprouts olive oil & lemon. They had gluten free bread so I asked if there was any sugar, answer was no so I ordered it. I made the mistake of not asking all the ingredients. When I got the bread I ate 2 bites & knew it wasn’t on the diet. It was made from corn – rrrrr
So when I got home I doubled up on the oregano oil. I have no idea if this was the best course to take to combat it but I did it.

Another lesson learned. So when I say “cheating” this is what I’m talking about. Not going hog wild & eating a whole cheesecake

I’m trying my best !

Thanks for your feedback & best of luck at the party this Saturday !!