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rich_0368 wrote: Hi guys,

I’ve just started the diet one week ago and have stuck religiously to the step 1-cleaning stage. The issue is i will be travelling at the end of the month for 2 weeks to New York and i know now that there are a few restaurants i would be dying to visit (one pizza, one burger (without chips), probably a desert, bagel and a breakfast option.) Other than that i will stay away away for other nasties(alcohol, caffeine, dairy).

Actually, you’d be better off taking alcohol, caffeine and dairy then taking a pizza, a burger and a bagel.

rich_0368 wrote:
I would have been on the diet for just over a month before the trip. My question is, do cheat meals offset all the hard work i’ve put in and take me back to stage 1? Or will it simply delay the recovery process a while longer (say a couple of more weeks?)

I once had risotto after being on the strict diet for 2 weeks. It totally messed me up for a couple of days. The worst is the feeling destroyed part, not the delay of your recovery. A month on the diet, your reactions can be pretty severe. Far more severe than before the diet. So be careful.