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Well I wouldn’t blame it on the diet but blame it on not eating enough food. Were you eating 3-4 course meals daily with snacks between meals? This is a lot of food to eat and good healthy organic food costs a lot of money. I am not saying its related to money but if you are just barely getting full for the meals you eat and not eating enough, this is potentially harmful like you have experienced.

I am sorry Ito hear about your story but most people should know when they need to eat more food. If you suffer from energy problems and feel sluggish all of the time…go and eat some food! The variety of food allowed on the diet is vast and don’t pigeon hole yourself into a low variety diet. For instance, foods created in various countries or regions outside of the US are usually relatively healthy and don’t contain many bad ingredients. For instance african food, Caribbean food, indian food, some mexican food, japanese food, etc. are mostly 75% healthy for the diet and contained almost all allowed ingredients. You just need to be concerned about sugars, grains, amount of meat, etc.

And in your previous posts you stressed the carb and candida link and I’ve told you not to think in this way. You need to feed yourself with carbs to feel relatively good and normal, its something we need in life. Just don’t eat only carbs and you’ll be pretty good. Most people understand basic meal concepts such as having one piece of meat, one portion of carbs, some vegetables, and maybe some bread. Even though the meat is suggested to be consumed in low quantities, some people may need more than this, especially if they have nutritional and/or mineral deficiencies.

I wish you luck in getting healthier again and you should consider consulting a nutritionist and start exploring whats out there. I am a picky eater too and I need to do it myself as well.