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yisucks;30135 wrote: I was wondering if you had a suggestion for what the max amount of carbs should be consumed in a day. I thought it was 60g, but I looked at my bob’s red mill buckwheat cereal– which is allowed on the diet, and 1 serving is 30g. So breakfast is half of my daily limit…that seems crazy. is this right?

That depends on where the carbs are coming from. How many ounces of the buckwheat do they say is in one serving? You’d be better off using Bob’s Red Mill Oat Bran mixed half and half with the coconut flour or even just plain coconut flur for your bread. This is the value of coconut flour bread per serving: 134 Calories; 11g Fat; 4g Protein; 4g Carbohydrates; 2g Dietary Fiber; 2g Net Carbs.

If you’re eating from the “stricter” diet that I supply and you’re eating reasonably, meaning you fill up on vegetables, avocados, and obtain enough oil in your diet, and then eat the bread two or three times a day, then you won’t have to worry about counting carbohydrates.

I’ve never counted carbohydrates in my life, even while on the strict diet, but still managed to be symptom-free for almost 18 months.