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I completely understand your frustration ! I have to cook for my husband & daughter and then cook separate for myself and its really the most tempting frustrating circumstance i deal with on a daily basis !I commend u for sticking it out this long i have no idea if ill make it that long as it seems all ive had is relapses since starting this 6 months ago .I am now back on the boat and every day is a struggle still . Working and having to cook separate will most certainly burn u out .I was very burned out after a wk or so and got hubby to cook a few times a wk .better than nothing its one thing to have food in the house u cant eat but to have to cook your favorite meals that u cant eat awe man i felt like i wanted to die when i made a lasagna last wk i couldnt stand it !

I mainly eat salads and stirfrys also anything quick ,Brussels sprouts ,rutabaga chicken .
Make enough stir fry or salad to last a few days and put it in fridge .keep onions and peppers chopped so u can grab them in a hurry .do the same with celery and keep hard boiled eggs around to .If u can grill out side see if u can get hubby to grill up alot of chicken for u and store in fridge .I love grilled chicken on a charcoal grill ,my hubby likes to grill often so i give him a pound of chicken to cook while he does the cheese burgs and hotdogs or steaks ,this really helps when i need a quick snack !and u can throw in stir frys and salads .

I know Candida can take a very long time to get over and u say u feel better but fatigue is something u still deal with .Do other symptoms come back when u eat something off the diet ? is the fatigue better on the diet or is it just other symptoms that got better ? Im wondering if u should look at another cause for your fatigue but if other symptoms are coming back also u are still dealing with candida .i feel like after a year u should be able to be less strict without many repercussions .start testing certain foods to see what bothers u specifically and maybe look at your treatment u may want to try something else .