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Able900 wrote:

You are not your thoughts, you are not your feelings and you are not your cravings.

All in all an excellent post, Thomas. And having learned about you the way I have, I know that it all came from your heart.

A well earned ‘good job’ to our newest forum expert.


Thank you Able for you kind words. English is not my native tongue, I only can hope that people anyhow understand what I have to say. But the most important thing is that it becomes alive in us, the words will not help us in the battle. I know a hell of a lot in matters of the mind and still I can fall into the traps of illusion believing a lie and suffer. Suffering is around the corner, you only have to believe a lie, resist what is, or try to make things happen instead of trusting, trusting that your body knows what to do, that your entire being is on your side, that God/Life/Truth/Love is with you. If that drops in the heart it has power. But I learn so much through this sickness too, that the menu is not the food eaten and that a travelling map is not the journey experienced. I never thought I was afraid to die or not trusting what is. Boy was I surprised when reality shook my little house of life.
We all are students of Life and experts of suffering. The question is only if we truly learn and move beyond.

I was very happy about your word, because I take so much home from you, raster and the forum here. If I can then say sometimes something which helps another sufferer here, I am very pleased that Life is using me too.