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Able900 wrote: Reply: No, not as long as you’re taking the bitters. But I’d be interested in knowing which brand of enzymes you have.

Able, thank you so much for your reply.
a) Does it matter what time of day I take the calcium magnesium zinc supplements?
b) I’m sensitive to garlic, will that likely mean I’ll be sensitive to the garlic pills?
c) Which pills need to be capsules/gel and which ones can be in tablet form?

The digestive enzymes I take are:
1) Natural Factors Multi Enzymes Full Spectrum (my everyday enzymes)
2) NaturPharm M2+ Enzymes (Dining out enzymes)
3) Enzymedica: Digest Spectrum (Recommended by others on a low FODMAP diet to deal with FODMAPS)

I find the enzymes really help especially if I’ve eaten something that doesn’t agree with me due to my multi food intolerances. If I take 2 enzymes when I have intolerance symptoms (headache, nausea, foggy brain) it goes away within 10 minutes. I have no idea if my symptoms are because of the candida or because of leaky gut though.

Thanks again Able 🙂