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Thanks guys. I appreciate it. What is the downfall of taking a commercial probiotic pill such as megaflora at the initial start of the detox/cleanse? This is referring to the part before the actual candida diet. I have finally made up a cleanse to go by. Tell me what you guys think and if you have any suggestions for modifications.

8AM probiotic pill (Dr. Ohira’s is what i’m finishing up now only reputable unrefrigerated probiotic i know. It’s been handy as i’ve been on the road.) with water

9AM whole lemon with water

10AM 1 scoop of vitamineral green with water

11AM water

12PM veggie juice ( celery for example fresh from juicer)

1PM water

2PM veggie broth

3PM lemon water

4PM water taken with molybdenum and milk thistle

5PM 1 scoop of vitamineral green with water

6PM lemon water

the end.

P.S. are you familiar with CALM ? It’s ingredient is ionic magnesium citrate. I know magnesium is beneficiary. I see your recommendation for all these vitamins. A & D (taken together), plus extra D3, vitamin E, vitamin C, calcium and magnesium (taken together). This is a pricey expenditure. Organizing which time to take each of these and rounding them up also sounds stressful. What is the downfall of not taking all these vitamins? Harsher die off? Thanks guys you rock my world 🙂