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Quote: What is the downfall of taking a commercial probiotic pill such as megaflora at the initial start of the detox/cleanse?

Reply: The benefits that kefir has over a commercial probiotic are; for one kefir is many times more powerful than a probiotic capsule. In addition to containing many strains of bacteria, it also contains beneficial yeasts like Torula kefir and Saccharomyces kefir. These yeasts have the ability to eliminate pathogenic yeasts in the intestines. None of this means that you won’t cure your infestation, only that it’ll probably take longer.

Quote: I have finally made up a cleanse to go by. Tell me what you guys think and if you have any suggestions for modifications.

Reply: Your cleanse sounds fine. Good way to jumpstart the treatment.

Quote: This is a pricey expenditure. Organizing which time to take each of these and rounding them up also sounds stressful. What is the downfall of not taking all these vitamins? Harsher die off?

Reply: For one thing, vitamins can make finding, purchasing and organizing vitamins less stressful (insert laughter here). In general vitamin supplements can help restore the weakened immune system. A Candida albicans overgrowth will not be cured without the help of a strong immune system.

Quote: Thanks guys you rock my world.

Reply: Thank you. I’m sure that Raster will be as pleased as I am to know that we rock your world. = |