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Would sure love to know what this chinese tea was..
I also have been having sugar cravings and I also cheated around christmas. Again in Jan and Feb with some stevia chocolate and then other no-no desserts. What topped it off was a couple vodka and waters. Now here I am with weird skin and ears ringing like none before also sinus pressure and headaches. Back on Diflucan and the “diet”. I experienced the rages and crying so nobody is alone on that one.
I think the big frustration is after being on the diet for so long and seeing many doctors and tests galore, we wonder if there is a good end to this in sight…My family tolerates me but are frankly quite sick of my special meals or them eating what I do because I’m not up to cooking 2 meals at dinner.

As for acupuncture I have not looked into it yet. There was a free 15 minute session at local health store but I signed up too late. With all my uncovered medical bills, I hesitate. It seems everytime I venture to a new avenue, I come to dead ends. Everyone has there reasons for yeast overgrowth and I’m not sure what caused mine. I am looking to rule out all as I proceed with eliminating yeast.