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Unfortunately, the only one of these that I know western doctors can test is adrenal fatigue. You can also potentially visit a GI doctor who specializes in GI problems for stool tests. I don’t think a GI doctor will diagnose anyone with candida.

Theres a ton of other things to consider such as mineral or vitamin levels, thyroid, liver, kidneys, allergies, etc. Most of these can be tested by western doctors. I had my liver enzymes tested and they came back as elevated meaning my liver is ailing. My adrenal fatigue test was slightly low but showed that I didn’t chew my food enough and that I need to snack more (analyzed by naturopath).

Then there is diseases you could maybe get tested for such as crohn’s, cancer, etc. These are likely investigated based on other tests/results. I don’t think its fair to label health problems with the name of a disease and feel that you can get over any disease diagnosed or not.

A lot of these problems are caused by GMO foods, toxins in our environment, and poor organ functionality or a combination of them all.