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Able – Thanks for that. After I posted, I realized it looked like I was administering everything at once. And that’s not the case.

I should say that from about 2000 – 2009 I strictly adhered to Elaine Gottschall’s Specific Carbohydrate Diet for IBS and staying on the diet (which is even more restrictive than the Candida Diet here) helped enormously. I had some serious die-off then which I weathered pretty well and then had a decade of reasonably good health.

UNTIL 2009 when I started to experiment with re-introducing ‘illegal foods'(I’m talkin’ Dunkin’ here) and the “experiment” ended with gastritis, spastic colon, GERD, and esoph. candidiasis.

I am totally freaked out by the esoph. candidiasis and am hoping that others who have successfully cleared it up will also post.

But in the meantime, your advice is good – I will stick to the diet (I eat alot of garlic regularly anyway) and in two weeks I will check in with you and we’ll talk antifungals.

With deepest gratitude for your company/expertise on this forum –