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Positivo wrote: Able you should know I’m not that damn stupid or crazy.

Positivo, don’t judge me so quickly, as I was not judging you, I was only asking for clarification of your statement. I’ve seen enough surprises (and stupid mistakes) from members here to last me a lifetime, so many in fact that I put no action in the category of “impossible” any longer. Even after all this time I cannot read the minds of the members, and I based my question solely on a statement in your post. Specifically, “I also wanted to post some of the foods that I hope I can eat regularly not daily.” There was no mention of a timeframe in that sentence.

I wanted to post this because I wanted to know if they foods would promote another overgrowth

Speaking of “knowing” – you should know Raster and I well enough to know that we cannot give you a definite “yes” or “no” answer to the statement above. The answer depends on you, not on what we decide.

just something to look forward to that’s all

With me, during the infestation, “something to look forward to” was being 100% symptom-free, nothing else as that is all I concentrated on. So maybe that’s why I didn’t read between the lines and know what you were really saying in the post.

All I can do is to give you an idea of how I’ve kept my infestation under control and symptom-free for nearly a year. Some of the foods you’ve named I am still eating only very limited amounts of on a bi-weekly basis, and some I have not introduced at all. There’s no research available as far as when one really should introduce new foods after curing a full Candida infestation, so this is why I’m ‘treading softly” so to speak since I want to post whatever works in a positive way as I add new foods to my diet for those who are interested. Fortunately, the way I’ve handled it so far has caused zero negative effects. The foods below I have not yet added regularly or in some cases not at all.

Gluten free oatmeal – not at all
Cheese (I only have pimento cheese about once a week, occasionally twice)
Rice (brown, wild, black) – not at long, although I’ve tested it.
Brown rice tortilla – not at all although I’ve tested regular tortillas.
Fruits (I’m still having only Granny Smith apples and a quarter cup of blueberries on a regular basis meaning several times a week)
Sweet plantains – not at all
Smoothie with bananas – not at all

I’m not suggesting that anyone else do as I have done; I’m only stating that I know that this way has been completely safe for me.