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survivor619;30350 wrote: I also forget to mention something that bothers me: i have read on here that after the strict diet for god knows how long and you finally start to feel better, then cheat once and the damn candida comes back? so basically you can never enjoy eating food you like again? lets assume that I somehow beat this illness and i eat a slice of bread one day because i am really hungry and thats all that is available… full blown illnness comes back. that is not a cure! and it doesnt make sense. if candida is beaten and somebody has one wrong food and it comes back, then it isnt really cured is it? if all it took was one cheat to bring it back then this isnt a very good treatment plan. i am surrounded by people who eat sweets and breads every day and they are healthy while i sacrifce everythingn i love and spend thousands of dollars and. they still donnt get better. if this illness was beaten truely it shouldnt be able to just come back with one wrong food choice. in william crook’s book the yeast connection he says that you can have fruits in moderation and whole grains in moderation. but on this website, it seems that you believe everybody needs to starve to get better. its way too unrealistic to expect someone to live this way, can’t go out for a bite to eat with friennds, cant have a sociable drink, can’t even have some fresh fruit which i was raised to believe are good for you. if that is how we are supposed to live, then we would all be better off dead. this is very sad

I too asked this question here a couple of times. I was clear and straight in my question about how can people claim to be cured when they can’t eat the same way their family does?

But, I never get a straight/clear answer to this.
All I get in response is a lengthy/confusing post, which we get bored just reading, forget responding to it.

What dvjorge says is right, you need to get you immune system back on track with those antigenic shots. With out doing that, even if you stay on the strictest protocol mentioned here for years, I don’t think it will help you. All you will end up is loosing all your weight, and looking like a patient.

I followed the strict protocol here for 4-6 months, and I ended up loosing 20 pounds, and it was even difficult to walk and speak to others at some points. I was getting weak due to lack of energy. But my symptoms were not clearing.

Then I tried clarifying here by asking here if anyone had really got completely cured by that protocol. I never got a clear YES.

Then I shot back to the diet mentioned on the website, and starting doing enema, and neti (sinus cleanse). This seems better to me, I see symptoms clearing, and also I am using nystatin from the last week, though the doctor gave me a low dosage, which is not sufficient according to Dr. Truss, I am happy that I started on that, I will try to convince my doctor to increase the dosage, and also discuss with him about the antigenic shots.

I clearly see the difference now,

In my opinion its better to follow the diet on the website (so that you have some energy to live/ time to work/earn a living), and also take the measures dvjorge is mentioning.