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Latka wrote: Here’s what I don’t get: if candida overgrowth causes menstrual irregularities then how come I never experienced this before starting the diet? I mean if it is caused by the actual overgrowth then I would have had problems before as well. But no. I lost my period completely while on this diet and I believe it is because I went too low carb.

I think it’s better to say “candida can cause…” Whether or not certain things, like the oestrogens Able mentioned, affect someone will probably depend on the level of exposure, gut integrity, stress and the balance of other hormones etc. Some unhealthy people already have high oestrogen levels from stress, so candida toxins could send them over the edge. Some foods can prevent oestrogen from being absorbed in the gut (raw carrot is one, according to Peat) or contain high levels of phytoestrogens (soy, legumes etc), so there are a lot of factors involved.

When symptoms appear on the diet that there was no hint of before, I’d have to assume the diet was playing a major role though. Die-off toxins could be the thing that pushes something over the edge and creates a new symptom, but it’s worth considering other explanations too. The idea of die-off seems to trap some people into believing they have candida when they don’t. Nutrients have the ability to affect hormone levels, as does how much and even how often or what time you eat. Sudden changes have their own repercussions too. I wouldn’t take anything for granted.