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raster wrote: On this list amylase is probably the one I need the least, but there are a ton of potential foods/fibers within my gut that have not been digested yet. I am not worried about it, I probably need more enzymes to digest my food!

Actually, amylase is not the one you need the least, but rather cellulase is the culprit on the list which you definitely do not need at all. When cellulase (hemicellulase as well) breaks down enzymes that are found in vegetable fibers, the by-product is a simple sugar which feeds the Candida, thus prolonging the treatment period by allowing the Candida to multiply. By the way, the human body does not even produce cellulase on its own, so it’s not a nautral enzyme of the human body.

But you’re right, you do need enzymes to digest and breakdown the food that you eat, however, taking pure enzymes is not the answer as they are not beneficial to the Candida treatment or your body in general.

The body normally makes its own enzymes in the correct amount as each enzyme is needed depending on what you’ve just eaten. When we start giving the body pure enzymes, we are in effect teaching the body that it is no longer necessary to produce the enzymes, thus taking a chance on having the incorrect enzymes as well as incorrect amounts.

Swedish Bitters or Digestive Grape Bitters are herbal extracts which are much better for your body as they allow the vagus nerves located on the back of the tongue to stimulate the production of enzymes. In this manner the supplement simply aids the body in making its own enzymes in the correct amounts needed at the time. When the grape bitter liquid is directly dropped onto the tongue, one of the many miracles of the human body takes over, and it is able to supply its own enzymes without the need of artificial ones being added by us. NOTE: If you decide to purchase one of these bitters, be sure to find one that’s alcohol-free as most extracts contain alcohol.