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I just wanted to update that I am feeling really great and am still reaching new heights in reaching my goals.

I went really strict the last 2 months and reduced consumption of eggs, potatoes, fruit, and apples and this really catipulted me to the next level.

On the weekends I eat rutabega which I ended up falling in love with. It sorta tastes better than potatoes and has a better flavor. I also suspect that it removes a lot of crud from the digestive system, and I get really foul smelling bm’s that smell like death afterwards (lol).

Another noticeable change is that my scalp seems quite full of hair which makes me happy.

I recently weighed myself at the doctor’s office and I’ve gained 30 pounds since starting this diet! I couldn’t believe it, I’ve never been able to gain weight my whole life. I’ve been this tall skinny/scrawny kid that weighs 135-145 (I am 6ft tall). I have tons of energy, am generally happy, and feel really good.

I started my alkalization therapy and need to measure my pH twice daily. I am taking pleo alkala antacid powder which is basically fancy baking soda, and I am taking a homeopathic called pleo citro (aka citric acid) daily. My pH is much more neutral when compared to when I first started, I went from 6.2 to 6.8 in the scale just by the diet/supplements alone. I plan to get it to about the 7.2 range or so (neutral) rather quickly here.

I am still smoking and hope to quit by the time its my 30th bday in April.

I cheated on super bowl and ate some corn chips, sugar cookie coated in frosting, and some coconut water (approx. 20g of sugar in each can) and didn’t react to any of it. I just felt sorta odd from the sugar rush like I was on a drug. I am going to continue to avoid white sugar as much as possible in the future. I also ate some chocalate around xmas and no reaction just like everything!

Still rotating between hmf neuro and megaflora every few months. I feel these two probiotic brands are great ones to choose for a recovery plan.