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Everything has been going pretty good here; I feel good 90%+ of the time. I still can’t manage to kick this sucker completely and I feel that the final throes of candida likely will be hard to get rid of.

I am sticking to the same diet as before except I started to add low sugar fruit to my diet. After listening to some Dr. Mcombs and thinking about my goals with this diet, I have mostly accomplished what I was hoping to get when I started. I just want to become completely symptom free and hope I can get off this diet sometime in the next years. I no longer have leaky gut, or atleast visible symptoms of leaky gut. I used to react horribly to fruit, but no longer experience any symptoms.

I found out about a month ago I have a parasite problem because of my long term and persistent ringworm. I’ve had ringworm for about 10 years and my version of candida diet and all of the supplements I’ve taken haven’t healed it. After starting to take some new supplements, the ringworm has almost completely cleared up. The problem with parasites, just like candida, is that you can’t kill them completely within your body. I experienced “parasite die off” when I started the new supplements also, so I know its working.

I recently switched to smoking “ultra lights” in my sad attempt to reduce my consumption of nicotine. I know I need to heal my lungs and reduce my toxic load to heal fully. I will do it this year but I have a bad addiction. I am down to 5-6 per day which is an improvement over before the diet. When I do quit, I plan on doing a serious cleanse (like the proper and safe cleanse) except with mad sweating in a sauna as well.

Other things I am thinking of doing include hydrotherapy to clear my colon, trying out boulardii (might be mispell), and Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade). I know I should quit smoking before doing these things also. Not quitting smoking is probably the main reason I can’t fully recover because it suppresses the immune system.

I am taking quite a few supplements right now but they are for my own personal problems such as sleep, parasites, hemmorhoids, etc.